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Here is my basic outline of how I’m gonna be choosing topics, basically I’ve designated each month out of the year to a certain topic and thus area that I will be covering

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January: Television

February: Companies

March: Characters

April: Fan Poll

May: My Favs

June: Movies

July: Patriotic Stuff

August: Random Topic Pick

September: Kid Stuff

October: Spooky Stuff

November: Video Games

December: Holiday Stuff


Here’s the reference images and sources from S01E01 of The Irregular History Podcast, Disney’s America Part II


Park Logo


Park Outline Drawing


Park Map and number guide


  1. Crossroads USA
  2. Hotels
  3. Presidents Square
  4. Native America
  5. Civil War Fort
  6. We The People
  7. Enterprise
  8. Victory Field
  9. State Fair
  10. Family Farm

Crossroads USA Drawing


Native America Map


Native America Ride


Civil War Fort Map


Civil War Fort Fortifications Drawing 


Civil War Fort Naval Battle


Family Farm Map


State Fair Overview

State Fair.jpg

State Fair Midway


Victory Field Overview


Victory Field Airfield


Enterprise Concept


Enterprise Ride


We The People Docks


We The People Marketplace



The Opposition



Information / Sound Sources

Intro Tape Sound:

Outro Sound:

Intro Music:



Here’s the reference images and sources from S01E01of The Irregular History Podcast, Disney’s America Part I


Liberty Street Concept


Liberty Square Concept Map


Liberty Square 01


Liberty Square 02


Liberty Square 03


American Experience


Proposed Park Location



Information / Picture Sources

Intro Tape Sound:

Intro Sound:

Long time long post

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Soooo… I’ve clearly haven’t posted in a long time, like 3 years long. A lot has changed with me and now I’ve moved onto a new hobby and that is history podcasting, particularity the history of pop culture called The Irregular History of Pop Culture

This blog will become where I post the links to the podcast along with pictures and my sources for the podcasts

more info as it comes

The point of this list was that it was supposed to be released last December.., which I forgot to do so my bad, its meant to be about the games that were released in 2012 that I really liked but the list is released in 2013 so to cover games were not able to get to until 2013

1.The Walking Dead

2.Far Cry 3

3. Dishonored

4. Spec- Ops the Line

5. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

6. Sleeping Dogs

7.Assassins Creed 3

8. Mass Effect 3

9. Max Payne 3

10. Ghost Recon Future Solider


    American Nightmare is an interesting addition into the Alan Wake series as it’s not a real sequel nor a DLC for the first game but rather a spin off with some new ideas and while not completely forwarding the narrative but rather creative it’s own tale. An interesting idea, but does this “spin-off” provide the Alan Wake experience or does it miss the mark?

    The people at Remedy have created an interesting small advance but complete narrative in this downloaded game with the narrative of American Nightmare placing Alan into kinda the tv show seen in the first game Night Springs (based off of The Twilight Zone) as he finds himself in Night Springs facing his evil double Mr. Scratch (seen at the end of Alan Wake) which he must try and defeat while trying not to get killed by The Darkness. The area you’re in is no longer the forests of Oregon but rather the deserts of Arizona which provides some pretty cool creepy areas like a motel, diner and even an old fashioned drive in movie theater.

    With game play it’s quite similar to the first game with light vs darkness with guns aspect to it, but rather it adds more of an action component with the addition of more lets same actiony weapons like a Uzi, assault rifle and assault shotgun which while taken away more of the atmospheric ness to in the realm of survival horror it does add a fun arcadey feel to it. Manuscripts return in this game and even provide a gameplay aspect with you being able to obtain higher level weapons by collecting more and more which can make later play throughs quite easier although it does take away some of the survival aspect of the game when you can grab the magnum right off the bat rather then having to use the nail gun or 9mm for the first little bit.


Speaking of arcadeyness the game adds a cool little survival mode to it with Alan having to survive ten minutes against increasing larger and tougher enemies such as the new to this game heavy and birdman enemies that are thrown in one round at a time as the night turns into the dawn and the Darkness is washed away by the sun. During the arcade sequence you start off with a simple 9mm pistol but by collecting manuscripts during the single player you can used them to unlock higher level weapons in the maps like the Uzi, a hunting rifle, or magnum which really helps even the odds. 

    Long Story Short: All in all American Nightmare is a fine experince for both Alan Wake fans and non-fans alike providing a fun experience in the form of gameplay and narrative and while is a bit “watered down” experience when compared to the first game it does provide a fun time for those waiting for a Alan Wake season 2.


The Good

  • Story
  • Characters

The Bad

The Ugly

  • A bit watered down


Alan Wake

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Making an unique and creepy atmosphere in a video game can be pretty difficult especially when you’re making a horror game and add in a strong character and this week were doing two games that try that both developed by Remedy (creators of the Max Payne series), Alan Wake (2010) and a spin off Alan Wake American Nightmare (2012).


    Alan Wake is about one Alan Wake (of course) a character that’s kinda based of a Stephen King but one I found really felt like one of Stephen Kings creations Mort Rainey from Secret Window. I say this as Alan Wake is a famous writer akin to King but instead of horror he writes crime stories but like Rainey he suffers from some psychological issues as Alan has a bad combo for a writer with both insomnia and writers block both of which leads Alan to try out a vaction to the town of Bright Falls to help sort it out. As a character Alan Wake is an interesting protagonist to watch as he’s not what you would call a standard game hero but rather he’s more reluctant and green one and while not a coward he’s not some barrel chested space marine or grizzled detective but rather just a writer, he wears a jacket with elbow pads (I think that’s what you call them) for god sakes and I really like to see a protagonist that’s not your typical space marine or hard boiled cop and that’s a rare thing to see nowadays.           

    The narrative follows Alan as he takes a well needed vacation to the small Pacfica town of Bright Falls that is clearly modeled on the town from Twin Peaks as is much of the story (dark past/weird old lady/quirky young lady), he’s joined by his wife and both of them set up in a cabin on a island on a lake nearby. After a series of events Alan’s wife is taken from him and he must face a old and powerful force known simply as The Darkness that has taken his wife and threatens his life. The narrative of Alan Wake I found to be quite an interesting and while not entirely unique story it does some interesting things that I found to be very very cool and was gripping to me that throws in some twists and turns along the way with a really nice atmosphere along with it that adds to the eerieness factor with the game sending you through some pretty creepy areas like an abandoned mining camp, quite a bit of forests and a large farm area all of which look pretty cool and are just pretty fun to explore.

    Gameplay wise the game mixes some pretty standard gunplay with some unique gameplay actions into something quite interesting. The main force of the Darkness comes in the form of Taken humans that have been possessed with The Darkness and must be taken out with a pretty cool idea and that idea is light. Your main weapon in this game is light as the best way to take out the Taken which is done with a variety of ways with mainly flashlights to burn off there protective layer and then use guns to finish them off or use things like flares and flash bangs which don’t need guns to take out the Taken. Other then the whole light weapon thing that game is a pretty basic 3rd person shooter with a handful of guns at your disposal which I guess can be pretty grating when on easier difficulty when there’s plenty of resources it can be a cake walk to deal with the Taken and to some might be quite repative.  I guess you could say that playing on a lesser difficulty can end up being  a bit too easy on Easy mode which can have you ignoring a lot of the atmosphere in the game and surroundings as you blow through the areas which takes a lot out the game in the form of experience, so I would suggest playing it on a harder difficulty to get a really good experience.

One thing I didn’t like though is how the story is broken up like a tv show. I mean that the narrative chapters are broken up into episodes that are about to 2 ½ to 3 hrs more or less. This is annoying as every 2 ½ to 3 hrs you get a cliffhanger and the episode ends but then starts the next chapter with a “Last Time” segment which if your playing for more then a episode at a time your basically showing you what you just played which make me go “I know, I was just there”. This may have worked if this was like a Tell Tale game like The Walking Dead or The Wolf Among Us where episodes are released sometimes a month at a time but for a regular disc game this comes off as a bit annoying, maybe Remedy was planning something like that but as stated before it just comes off as grating and unnecessary. Another annoying is found in that of product placement with you using straight up Energizer batteries and you use a Verizon phone plus a one point a tv plays two real life commercials for Verizon and a car company both of which made me role my eyes at.

Long Story Short: Alan Wake provides a pretty good experience if you like a game with great atmosphere and narrative with a unique protagonist that adds a pretty cool game play mechanic using simply light but you might have too overlook little things like product placement and maybe some repetitive game play.  

The Good

  • Atmospheric
  • Story
  • Characters

The Bad

The Ugly

  • Some repative gameplay
  • Product Placement